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Anderson, South Carolina is known as the “friendliest city in South Carolina.” It has charmed many people who both live and visit there. It sits about an hour from the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains and is mostly land. About .3% of Anderson is water which isn’t a lot considering it is 14.6 square miles in size. Anderson is quite large and quite popular with a population of 26,686 as of the 2010 census. It’s no wonder this city is so popular, with its gorgeous scenery and endless amounts of activities and opportunities.   

Anderson was settled by Cherokee Indians until after the American Revolutionary War. At this time, the Cherokees surrendered their land and a part of this land that was surrendered is now Anderson. Anderson is one of the three primary cities that comprises Upstate South Carolina and is the smallest of the three, although it doesn’t seem small at all. It is well-known for its amazing law enforcement and South Carolina even won the Public Safety Municipal Achievement Award for 2016 due to its task force.

Outside of law enforcement, Anderson has a knack for manufacturing and currently has over 230 manufacturers. This number includes 22 companies that are international. It’s number one manufacturer is auto parts and plastics. Due to its amazing gift of manufacturing, Anderson has a low unemployment rate, sitting at just 5.5% as of April, 2015. Anderson ranks 13th on the list for income in the state of South Carolina. The average income as of 2013 was around $30,000 a year. That’s not a bad number if you ask me and it makes Anderson that much more enjoyable.



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Anderson has plenty of things to do and see for any visitor or occupant. Let’s start with the food. If you want something upscale, try out Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill which was rated the #1 spot to eat on TripAdvisor. Just want some pizza or a little bit of messy BBQ? No problem, hit up Summa Joe’s for some tasty pizza or The Pompous Pig for some stellar BBQ, rated #2 and #3 on TripAdvisor. If food is what you like, Anderson is your spot. There are endless options for dining out that will fit any craving, lifestyle, or budget.

Enjoy the little bit of water Anderson has by visiting Lake Hartwell. While you’re there, pick up a little bit of moonshine at Palmetto Distillery and kick back for a relaxing evening on the town. There are plenty of museums, parks, and shops to visit and you’ll never run out of things to keep you busy. Don’t forget to visit at least one of the farms in Anderson such as, Split Creek Farm. They’re open all year round for some family friendly fun and were rated the #3 attraction in Anderson on TripAdvisor. In the fall, don’t miss their giant corn maze and pumpkin patch as it’s a site to see. Overall, Anderson, although big, has a small town feel while offering big opportunities and a warm welcome to boot.


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Located a short distance from Anderson SC in Piedmont Our Owner Johnny Pack started Magnolia Rental Property Management in 2004. His passion in the rental business lead him to starting Magnolia Rental Property Management. This family run business's goal is to be the most customer focused Property Management Company in the Anderson Area. 

Providing Management Services in Anderson SC and close by areas in the Upstate, Magnolia Rental Property Management is in business to help you make the most out of your real estate investment and provide outstanding customer support. Let us take the headaches away and deal with the toilets and tenants.

For further information please get in touch with us at (864) 845-1408 or via our contact page.


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