Our Property Management Company

Benifit Breakdown


Faster Tenant Placement

We have potential tenants that are already pre-qualified and waiting for rentals that meet their criteria. We also have a stream lined process to complete rental applications, pre move-in checks, multiple advertising avenues, and contacts with business and government agencies that place tenants.  Our properties rent quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment.

Lower Repair Cost

We offer discounted maintenance and repair cost that independently cannot be beat. Repair and maintenance cost can be a large expense of your property.  Finding these professionals on your own can cost unnecessary time and money. We have an in house maintenance staff that offers extremely competitive pricing and we also contract with preferred vendors in skilled trade industries such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, flooring, etc. Due to the volume of work we give these vendors we can offer lower pricing than a single owner could secure. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed, this alone could pay for management fee.

Higher Occupancy

We keep a 98% occupancy rate.  Our encompassing pre-screening process ensures we choose long lasting tenants.  Also, if renters get behind we quickly take the necessary eviction steps to get your property rented again.  Many owners who rent their properties fall prey to renters who, for one reason or another, quit paying rent.  If you don’t have the time or knowledge of how to evict a tenant you could lose months of rental income.  Our main goal is to keep your property occupied with good, long lasting tenants.  

Less Hassle

Magnolia pays for itself. The great thing is we deal with the hassle of “tenants and toilets”. No one likes the 2:00 am call from a tenant saying “The toilet is running”.  Magnolia does the work for you and with a simple 8% fee of rent collected. If you don’t get paid we don’t get paid. Let Magnolia do the work for you and maximize your real estate investment.