Renters and Pets

Pets can be such a joy in our lives. However, they can also mean a lot of responsibility. When moving, having a pet can make it difficult to find a home.  If you find a property that allows pets, they most likely will have limitations in place.  If you are a pet owner and you have a found a place that allows pets, below are a few questions to ask before moving in.

1.      If my pet causes any damage at all to the house, will that affect me getting my security deposit back? This is important because most places will require a one-time or monthly pet deposit that is non-refundable.  This money covers damages that possibly can occur from a pet living in the house.   If damages are done by the pet, it could affect your security deposit.

2.      Do you have a pet fee and is it refundable? Most places do not refund the pet fee.

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3.      Do you have any weight limitations? Many places have a 20-pound weight limit to ensure there are no larger breeds that are brought into the home.  The thinking is the bigger the animal the more damage they cause.  Yes, many of us love big dogs but when it comes to rentals bigger dogs are not usually acceptable.

4.      Do you have any breeds you do not allow? I have not seen a lot of places do this but it is becoming more common.  Breeds like pit bulls are popular, as well as Rottweilers. However many owners do not want their properties associated with dangerous breeds. Although many do not see their dogs as dangerous, as you might not, they still have to exercise caution because they are the owner of the property and could be held liable even if it is your pet and not theirs that hurts someone or causes damages.

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5.      How many pets do you allow? Some places put a cap on how many pets you can have in the house even if you are within their weight and breed limitations. So, make sure you are not surpassing the amount the owner is comfortable with because breach of contract is grounds for eviction.