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It can be easy to forget the needs of a house we do not live in. If you own multiple properties or even only one property outside of your own house, it can be difficult to keep up on little maintenance needs because they do not seem necessary at the time. However, those little needs begin to add up or get worse as time goes along and in the end, they could cause big issues.

Routine maintenance can include keeping a house mold free which also involves making sure no excess moisture gets into the house and if it does, having it properly cleaned. Further, taking care of any leaks will help alleviate this issue from occurring. If an eye is not kept on any mold trying to form in the house, before you know it, the entire house is full of it. Mold can be dangerous depending on the type. If black mold gets in your house, renting it would be just about impossible and it is very difficult to remove from a home.

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Outside of making sure moisture does not bring mold into the home, keeping the lawn cut is equally as important. Tall grass brings animals and they can mean damage to the home. Further, if you are trying to bring interest to a home, having tall grass is not very becoming. Weeds and tall grass can also bring issues such as ticks and chiggers. If you are trying to rent or sale a house with tall grass it is very difficult. 


Spraying for pests is a must if nobody is living in the home. Roaches, termites, or rodents can very easily take over a vacant home and spraying once in a while is worth your home staying in one clean piece. It is unimaginable what unchecked pests can do to a property in a short amount of time. Pests not only can cause damage to a property but they will make it harder on you to rent out the property.

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Cleaning your Rental Property

Of course, light cleaning is some of the best maintenance that can be done on a vacant home. Dust can build up fast and the property can easily begin to smell musty. Doing some light dusting, vacuuming, randomly running the water, or diffusing essential oils are great ways to keep your property looking in tip top shape. Plus, it can assist with all the previously mentioned issues.

Routine maintenance is really not difficult especially if you keep up on it. If you let it get away from you, it can take longer and cost more to deal with. Stay on top of things with your property and overall, in many aspects, you will be glad you did.